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When an emergency situation occurs, the Emergency Control Center (ECC) provides a centralized location where key staff members can monitor, track and make decisions that are mission critical to the continuing operation of the enterprise as well as the life, health and safety issues of its employees.  The Emergency Control Center provides the means for the organization to communicate with emergency services, vendors, clients, employees and resident as well as Federal, State and City coordinators regarding the public safety and infrastructure services of the affected locations. 

It is imperative to remember that in the event of a terrorist attack at your location or area that your location becomes a crime scene and access may be restricted or denied for hours to weeks or even longer.  Therefore the ECC location selection and placement process becomes mission critical.

Key Benefits

  • The location of the Emergency Control Center (ECC) should be preplanned.  It is too late to begin looking for a place to meet after the disaster or attack has occurred  
  • Having an Emergency Control Center (ECC) facility in place and dedicated to the management of the disaster or terrorist attack promotes prompt and responsible reactions to the event
  • Emergency Control Center (ECC) purpose is to prioritize, deploy and track critical resources which enhances decision making, communication, collaboration and coordination
  • Emergency Control Center (ECC) should have resources, office supplies, documentation, computer and telecommunication equipment available and if possible these should be pre-positioned


Emergency Control Center planning is becoming a major element in business continuity plans throughout the country. DDMX has developed effective Emergency Control Center (ECC) plans and design procedures.  Our ECC plan is predicated on five elements: 

  1. A common information structure
  2. Communication & coordination efficiency
  3. Division of private & public decision space  
  4. Data distribution
  5. Receive, analysis and display data, to enhance decision-making. 

The ECC plan addresses considerations for design issues (ergonomics  to zoom in/out of multiple displays) to the functional level to the operational requirements.  DDMX ECC plans and professionals can provide those organizations without ECC the means and method to implement a site.  

  • Synergy ECC must provide the environment and the tools that foster gathering data, decision-making, deployment & tracking of resources and provide communication channels. 
  • Knowledgeable We understand the structure and the requirements of an ECC. We have learned from  our Y2K experience in  providing national level organizations the ability to develop and implement an ECC at their location. 
  • Evaluations We will provide an evaluation of internal and external site selection.
  • Documentation We will provide the documentation detailing EEC support resources from desks to television cable hookups.

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